Ventilated Bag for fresh products

Intended for the packaging of potatoes, onions, fruits that require ventilation.

For the packaging of vegetables and fruits that require ventilation.
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Ventilated Bag for fresh products

Ventilated Bag for fresh products

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    ProductionManufactured 100% automated from sustainable raw materials.
    Personalizationhighest level of quality in up to 10 colors and/or polychromes, including the special ones: gold, metallic silver with ecological water-based ink. Print resolution can easily reach 300 dpi.
    Optionsproduct viewing window with a customized shape, can be sealed with Biodegradable PLA film to allow the packaging of products that require a controlled atmosphere, eg biscuits. They can also have handles for easy transport.
    Materialspecial waterproof paper with ventilation slots. White or natural kraft paper, various thicknesses (80-120 GSM), certified FSC, EarthCare, ISO9001, ISO14001.
    Sizesmost commonly sizes: 230 x 100 x 300 mm, 230 x 100 x 440 and 260 x 160 x 550 mm.
    Production capacitymore than 75 million pieces annually.
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